Design Thinking

Stanford D School Virtual Crash Course in Design Thinking

Design - The New Business (Movie)

Change by Design (Book)

User Experience (UX)

The Elements of User Experience (Jesse James Garrett)

The Design of Sites: Design Patterns at a Glance

Usability 101: Introduction to Usability (Nielsen Norman Group)

Information on Prototyping

Design Better and Faster with Rapid Prototyping (Smashing Magazine)

Paper Prototyping (Understanding HCI)

Paper Prototyping (A List Apart)

Beyond Wireframing: The Real Life UX Design Process (Smashing Magazine)

The Skeptic's Guide to Paper Prototyping (Smashing Magazine)

Prototyping Tools & Wireframes

Pencil Project: An Open-Source GUI Prototyping Tool (Free)

Axure: Create Prototypes of Websites and Apps without Coding (Paid)

Keynotopia: Use Keynote and PowerPoint to Prototype Web and Mobile Apps (Paid)

Balsamiq: A Rapid Wireframing Tool (Paid) 

iPlotz: Wireframing, Mockups and Prototyping for Websites and Applications (Paid)

Pidoco: Rapid Prototyping and Wireframing on the Fly (Paid)

FieldTest: Mobile Prototyping (Paid)

Solidify: Create Clickable Prototypes from Sketches (Paid)

Moqups: A HTML5 Wireframing and Mockup App 

Yahoo! Stencil Kits (Free)

Skeleton: A selection of Responsive UI CSS Files (Free)

UI Stencils: Physical UI Stencils for Sale 

Printable Wireframing Paper Templates (Free)

Sneakpeekit: Cool Printable Mobile and App Sketching Templates (Free)

Marvel (Free)



Stakeholder Maps


Service Safari

DIY Tookit

Empathy Canvas

Business Model Canvas