Design Delivers Value

The Design Council's latest research report "Leading Business by Design" investigates the strategic use of design in a number of UK and global business including: O2, Barclays , Virgin Atlantic and Diageo. In this video, Ailbhe McNabola describes some of the findings from the research and discusses the link between business success and design investment. The full report is essential reading and feeds into some of my earlier posts on ROI and design. 

Towards a Design-Led IBM

IBM becomes the latest company to embrace design thinking in an effort to further bolster their efforts to become a design-led company. As a stalwart of innovation, and early practitioner of "Innovation Jams", IBM's investment in design thinking is a massive endorsement of the effectiveness of design thinking. 


UK's First Interactive Virtual Grocery Store

The era of the 'Meta Product" (web-enabled product-service networks as typified by products such as iPhone/iTunes and Nike +) is well and truly upon us. Future services will be delivered using a combination of physical and virtual touchpoints. Tesco, following a successful pilot programme with Homeplus in South Korea, has finally brought their virtual shopping experience to the UK. The first UK trial is being launched in the North Terminal of Gatwick airport. Customers will be able to interact and purchase products via virtual supermarket shelves using their smartphones and a bar-code scanning application. The installation is a great example of a virtual/physical service hybrid.