More Evidence for Design ROI

Over on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network Jeneanne Rae, CEO of Motiv Strategies, presents another study that demonstrates the value of design investment.  Motiv Strategies and the Design Management Institute created a tool called the Design Value Index, which demonstrates how 15 design-oriented companies beat the S&P by 228% over the last 10 years. I have become something of an advocate for ROI-led design and these latest findings confirm my earlier postings about the importance of ROI and forecast that further studies would follow. 

by Andrew Pope


Design Delivers Value

The Design Council's latest research report "Leading Business by Design" investigates the strategic use of design in a number of UK and global business including: O2, Barclays , Virgin Atlantic and Diageo. In this video, Ailbhe McNabola describes some of the findings from the research and discusses the link between business success and design investment. The full report is essential reading and feeds into some of my earlier posts on ROI and design. 

Culture is Innovation's Secret Sauce

No surprises here - culture is a fundamental determinant of a creative enterprise. Despite what you may have heard, culture is not an immovable object over which we have no control. It can be changed and shaped. Adopting some guiding principles and core values for the organisation is a great place to start. So what core values shape an innovative powerhouse like IDEO? Check out the Slideshare presentation below to find out.